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Vision Screening is Coming to NMS!

eye chart saying Get Your Eyes Checked and a pair of black glasses infront
Get Your Eyes Checked

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As part of the Portage la Prairie School Division's commitment to provide the best opportunities for students to achieve success, the Division is pleased to announce a new initiative. The Portage la Prairie School Division has partnered with Mobile Vision Care Clinic (MVCC) to provide complete vision care for all students at your child(ren)’s school.

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that children receive a complete eye examination by an optometrist every 12 months after starting school. A team of licensed professionals will attend your child’s school to provide comprehensive eye exams with dilation (please see the attached Dilating Eye Drops Information Sheet) and provide them with glasses, if required.

Parents/guardians are invited to attend their child’s appointment and to help with the selection of eyeglasses. Manitoba Health covers the cost of children’s eye exams and direct billing will be done by the Mobile Vision Care Clinic staff. For some students, eyeglasses may be covered through 3rd party insurance such as Employment Income Assistance (EIA), Non-Insured Health Benefits (Status) or a 3rd party insurance company. Funds are also being donated and raised for families who have no 3rd party coverage and are not in a position to afford the cost of prescription eyeglasses.

If your child requires glasses, they will be delivered to your child’s school. Eyeglass delivery and fitting will take place approximately 3 weeks after MVCC has been at the school. Additionally, if your child is identified as having a visual impairment, he or she will be referred to the appropriate specialist.

In order to have your child’s eyes examined by the Optometrist, you will be required to complete the attached Eye Examination Consent Form.  Consent covers eye examinations (covered by Manitoba Health). Please complete one form per child, in full, and return it to the school immediately.

LVS    September 13 2022 9:00-3:30 parents and older siblings welcome in the afternoon

FLR     September 14 2022 9:00-3:30 parents and older siblings welcome in the afternoon

NMS   September 15 2022 9:00-3:30 parents and older siblings welcome in the afternoon

If you require any further information, please contact the school (204-857-4564) and ask for the school administrator, Mrs. Smith.

Click Here for the Permission Form

Click Here for Eye Drop FAQs Sheet

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